What's cooking in our kitchen?

Yeah, so. We have a blog for a while now. And like most blogs, it doesn't get updated very regularly. Oh well, that's how it goes. But that does not mean things are standing still behind the scenes of Animography. So here's a taste of what's (slow)cooking in our kitchen. 

New typefaces:
Indie - by Oliver Dead.
Here's a sample of Indie. An animated typeface that's has been ready to go for a while now. It just needs a proper promo animation in order to be released. Since both Ryan and I have been very busy, we haven't got the chance to do that final (and most fun) part. If anybody reading this, is up for the task, please get in touch. You will unlock freeloading mode at the store.

Radiate - by Chloe Stein
Radiate is a really nice neon style typeface. It shares a common ground with Razor, but still has plenty of new things to offer with some really nice customization settings. The actual animated typeface is ready to go, and the promo material is in progress and looking promising.

Basic Space - Niels van de Spijker
Niels attended my talk at High On Type last year and got inspired to make an animated typeface himself. The design and animation tests so far look very nice. As you can see it is a display typeface with a very unique look that does not rely on any mayor trends. Nice to see stuff like this coming from my former hometown.

Pinballingo - by Sara Bennett aka Shabello aka Mograph Mercenary
Sara has been working on and off on this animated typeface. Pinballingo is a fun fluid font which attempts to capture the aesthetics of earlier pinball and video game arcades of the late 70s and early 80s. Don't expect it to hit the store anytime soon, but when it does, I will be slapping it in your face on all social media channels. It has that vibrant flow that Sara nails every time.

Garnata & Herreria - by Rafa Galleano
Motion heavyweigth Rafa Galeano is working on two animated typefaces at the same time. Garnata (design by Nano torres) is almost good to go. It just needs to be re-adjusted to fit the Animography setup. Herreria (design by Juanjo Rivas) is still in progress and is a decorative typeface with simple but elegant animations.

Voyager - by Maarten van 't Wout & Gilles Kergadallan
Voyager is a geometric sans serif by Maarten van 't Wout aka. Alumia. It's been around for a while and proved to be very popular. And for a reason. Maarten now teamed up with Gilles to release an animated version. The animations are looking slick and perfectly complement the design. I'm very excited to add this one to the collection soon.

And then there are about a dozen more concepts waiting to get some attention. These are still in such an early stage that I won't introduce them just yet. But if you are an animator who wants in on the action, get in touch. One of those concepts might be right up your alley. If you already have a great idea for an animated typeface, let's see it!

And lastly some shoutouts to the inspiring things that caugth my eye. And probably yours to, if you haven't been sleeping under a rock.
#36days of type. That was of the chain! Really nice to get an overdose of typographic inspiration in my instagram feed. (On Instagram I'm calango btw, nice to meet you.) I've been making loads of screengrabs on my phone for future reference. I been spotting many great type designers I'm planning to contact soon. Thanks #36daysoftype for the spreading the type love!

Another great project is 9squares. It's living on Tumblr and Instagram, and is organized by Al Boardman, David B. Stanfield and a man who goes by the name of Skip Dolphin Hursh. I won't go into detail about this because it's been blogger about this so much. Just make sure you don't miss it.
Both #36daysoftype and 9squares are making me consider a second round of Franchise Animated. Haven't got the time for it in the coming weeks so please hold your horses. If it's going to happen, you will know.

I'd like to finish with a nice piece of motion design by Nicolas Lichte. You might know him from Anodine. He recently completed this piece for Sciences Po, starring Amelie from Sara Bennett. If you know my work, you'll know I love a minimal color palette. In this case it gives Amelie a completely different look and feel as you can see in it's promo. Less cute, more sophisticated. But still flowy. It makes me happy to see animated typefaces being put to good use.

Especially within the Animography family.