Studio Treasures No. 1 - Holke79

There are a lot of artist profiles on the internet. It's rather inspiring to read about the career path of a respected professional. But instead of talking about education, inspiration and successful projects, we'd like to show you some studio treasures. Every creative has got a few of those in his or her studio.

This is the treasury of the Animography family. First up, Borja Holke aka Holke79 from Madrid, Spain.

1. The Animator´s Survival Kit from Richard Williams.
I always have it on hand in the studio. every now and then I have a look at it. I have learned a lot from it but the best is the sense of humility and respect it gives me. The work traditional animators and masters like Richard Williams did was titanic compared to what we do know with the help of computers

2. Stones and stuff that I have taken from beaches and mountains.
I have picked them up in many beaches and mountains, but most of them are from a small village in the north of Spain called Bakio.

3. One of my son´s creations. He is awesome.

I don’t really know what he wanted to draw, he is still a small child and hardly speaks. I would call it child-expressionism. I love this one because he took my pens on his own and drew it without any help or supervision.

4. The latest addition to the studio, an Olivetti Tropical.
At the moment my 2 year old uses it…hahaha.. he loves banging at it. It’s a decorative piece, but I’m sure I’ll end up using it to create textures for some kind of job.

5. Roger Rabbit. Richard Williams again!
One of the reasons I love animation. I bought this toy Roger Rabbit at a comic store in La Coruña, Galicia. We go every summer because my wife’s family is originally from there and we love it. It’s full of incredible beaches.

Want to know more about Borja Holke? Visit his website and follow him on twitter, facebook, vimeo or behance. And make sure to check out his animated typeface Lasio Grotesk.