Studio Treasures No. 2 - Jesper Bolther

There are a lot of artist profiles on the internet. It's rather inspiring to read about the career path of a respected professional. But instead of talking about education, inspiration and successful projects, we'd like to show you some studio treasures. Every creative has got a few of those in his or her studio. 

This is the treasury of the Animography family. For round two, Jesper Bolther shows the personal items he keeps in his Copenhagen based studio.

1. Letraset Manual, 1980
This is a catalogue of rubdown lettering sheets that I find myself revisiting time and again for inspiration. It contains some really cool typefaces and some of them have never been digitalized. So it almost feels like opening a pocket in time. The 3D typeface that I created for the Internet Week Denmark Opening Titles was based on the isometric font Block Up that I found in there.

2. Amnesiac
I was lucky to get one of the limited edition CDs of the Radiohead album Amnesiac right when it came out. The cover claims to be a lost book from “No Such Library” which is so much in line with the title and the feeling of the music on that album. A stroke of genius by Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke.

3. Acrylic S
I had this acrylic S done as a test milling for one of the first clients I had with Friction. The project is really cool, even though it’s a slow process and far from done yet. But creating this physical thing after working in digital agencies for all of my working life has become a symbol of the huge boost of creative freedom I have gained by starting on my own. Both on client work and in personal projects.

4. Wall Container
I probably spend 20% of my working hours at home working in the living room and this container makes it possible to have a decent office mess that blends well into the daily life. This container keeps so many small but very important things in a place where I can always find them. From pencil sharpener and guitar picks to party invitations and passports.

5. The Kids
Great times at the studio are days with my two girls. With the oldest I’ve done an A-Z After Effects project, drawing and animating an owl. I had a day building Lego with the little one. These are presents from them.

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