Studio Treasures No. 3 - Bobby Voeten

There are a lot of artist profiles on the internet. It's rather inspiring to read about the career path of a respected professional. But instead of talking about education, inspiration and successful projects, we'd like to show you some studio treasures. Every creative has got a few of those in his or her studio.

This is the treasury of the Animography family. For round three, Bobby Voeten aka. Crop Motion shows the personal items he keeps in his Amsterdam based studio.

1. Japanese Notebooks
A few years ago I got these neat Japanese notebooks as a present. At that time I lived in Melbourne and a friend bought them on her business trip in Asia and gave them as a Sinterklaas gift. Sinterklaas is our Dutch 'Christmas'. These notebooks remind me of a good friendship and a thoughtful friend. The Muji notebook is being used for 'Adobe' notes, the animal notebook is and will always be blank.

2. Pencil Case
One day, I was strolling through the streets of San Francisco, I accidentally bumped into this awesome design store. All their stuff was recycled, which makes it even more awesome. I saw this old-school scifi pencil case made of old plastics. The robot on the case gazed at me. It was love at first sight since me and retro robots have this special bond.

3. Company Sign
Instead of having one of those slick looking brand signs I decided I wanted something unique, handmade and multifunctional. So, I made a few designs and this was the final result. It's one of kind, handmade and it has a little slot that comes with a standard that I can use for my business cards. Thanks to the woodcrafter it all turned out great.

4. Dino Time
During my boyhood, dinos were one of my favorite things to collect. Personally, I feel Jurassic Park is the best movie ever made. Since I was already collecting dinos, I started to collect JP toys when the movie came out. Raptors are my all time favorite and this raptor was my first JP dino. After more than 20 years I still have it and it protects all expensive office equipment. No need for a fancy alarm.

5. Award Winning Bookend
Back to Melbourne. Where I won this BassAward. It's something I'm still proud of but most of all, the craftwork of the award itself is superb and because it's quite heavy it's the ideal bookend.

Want to know more about Bobby Voeten? Visit his website and follow him on twitter, facebook, vimeo, linkedin, dribbble or behance. And make sure to check out his animated typeface Haywire.