Studio Treasures No. 4 - Emanuele Marani

This is Studio Treasures. A modest series of artist profiles in which we explore some of the keepsakes and tools around the workplace of Animography contributors. This time Emanuele Marani shows us the valuable items in his workspace in Rome.

1. Puppets and gadgets 
Puppets and gadgets represent some very important chronological phases in my professional life. But the explanation remains a secret! 

2. Sketches
For me this is the world where the all comes from. Starting from an idea's sketch, the production of a storyboard, or more simply the outburst of the mind through the hand. This is the place where I usually take refuge, for give vent to my creativity in the most direct way. This is the reason why this element is always on my desk. I prefer to use rough paper without lines or grids.

3. Music 
The music together with the drawing is another thing that I can't never do without. It's very important in my life and for my job. It's a way to inspire and enter myself in my creative world.

4. Books
Unfortunately, by using internet on a daily basis, I have almost lost the use books for creative study. I know this is bad. I'm grew up "eating" bread and comics, and I know the importance of the paper. But among these few books there is one in particular which is very important for me: 'The Street Sketchbook'. This book has changed my vision of the contemporary art, the illustration, the composition of an artwork and the strength of the ideas compared to the strength of the technique.

5. Pencil
How can I put my ideas on paper without a pencil? This is the last but not the least item that I can't never do without on my desk. I mostly use pens with a thin thickness and black color. As for pencils I prefer the medium hard ones. Lately I've been using the simple Pilot V-ball 0.5 a lot. In the picture I also included the digital pen, another very important element for me. It enables me to transform my passion into something bigger.

Want to know more about Emanuele Marani? Follow him on behancevimeolinkedin or dribbble. And make sure to check out his animated typeface Burstype.