9 Squares x Animography

9 Squares is a collaborative animation project organized by Al BoardmanSkip Dolphin Hursh, and David Stanfield.

9 Squares began from a GIF posted by Al Boardman. A conversation began with Al, Skip, and David. David suggested it would be fun to create something similar, but where 9 different animators take on 9 different squares. And just like that, 9 Squares was born.

18 rounds later, Animography was invited to host a round with animators from the Animography family. Normally, type is not allowed in 9 Squares, but hey...

1. Sara Bennett
2. Jesper Bolther
3. Jules Guerin
4. Emanuele Marani
5. Nicholas Lichtle
6. Bobby Voeten
7. Holke 79
8. Calango
9. Philip von Borries