Anodine is a vibrant springy typeface. It's straight lines and elastic motion, form an interesting contrast. The typeface includes the characters A to Z and 0 to 9, but has no special characters or punctuation. Anodine comes in a free and an extended version. Besides a difference in customizable features, they also differ in the amount of copies within each file. With the free version you can only create one look, but with the extended version you can have up to 9 different looks.

Nicolas Lichtle –

Anodine Lite - Customizable Features.
- 8 colors

Anodine - Customizable Features.
- Line Thickness
- 8 colors
- Elasticity
- Damping

Anodine Lite and Anodine are compatible with After Effects CS3 and up. It is also fully prepped to work well with characteristic.
Free Files
One of the files below is free. Well, almost. Your download will start after you tweet or place a post on facebook about it. You're welcome.