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Razor is an eighties inspired typeface that comes in animated and static versions. The typeface features characters A to Z, and numerals 0 to 9. There is no punctuation but as an extra bonus feature, we've added a sunglass and a flamingo icon to the animated version. No eighties typeface would be complete without it!

Jeffrey Schreiber (typeface design) - jeffreyschreiber.nl
Calango (animation) - calango.nl

Customizable Features.
- color
- line thickness
- completion

Razor Animated is compatible with After Effects CS3 and up, and is optimized for use with Characteristic. Razor Static is a mac & pc compatible otf-file.

Free Files.
One of the files below is free. Well, almost. Your download will start after you tweet or place a post on facebook about it. You're welcome.