University of Michigan - Benton Sans Bold

Giving Blueday is an initiative of the University of Michigan to raise money for research and various educational and community programs. As part of the promotion leading up to Giving Blueday, we were asked to create an animated version of Benton Sans Bold in the same spirit as our previous project Mobilo Bold. This meant teaming up again with some good friends from the motion design community.

Each glyph in this animated typeface has 2 versions, to avoid too much repetition when used in words. This resulted in a collection of 96 glyphs. Each of these glyphs were assigned 1 of 10 themes to connect it to Giving Blueday. Our collaborating artists had complete creative freedom to interpret these themes and work within their personal style. The only limitations for the project to stay coherent were the universities brand colors, a duration of 30 frames (1 second) and a set canvas size.

Additional specs

Concept by Jeroen Krielaars
Type design by Cyrus Highsmith (Fontbureau)
Music by Sono Sanctus

A¹ E¹ G² L¹ O¹ U¹ Z¹ - !¹ =¹ by Illo
A² F¹ M¹ S² X¹ , by Jonas Mosesson
B¹ E² I¹ O² V² Y² O² 9² ( $2 by Rocket Panda
B² K² V¹ W² Z² 4¹ 5² 7² 8² # by Joe Le Huquet
C¹ F² N¹ T¹ U¹ X² 2² 3² ?² '¹ by Romain Laubersaines
C² H² J¹ L² P¹ Q¹ S¹ 1¹ !² "² by Oliver Sin
D¹ J² N² Q² Y² 6¹ 6² 9¹ ) +² by Louis Wes
D² G¹ H¹ I² M² R² W² 1² – / by Manu Correa Soto
K¹ R¹ 2¹ 7¹ .² '² @ =² by Brent Clouse
P² 0² 8¹ .¹ +¹ by Kingdom Of Something
T² %¹ ?¹ "¹ $² by Sara Bennett