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Binary 2.0

Binary 2.0 is the new, improved, expanded and animated version of Binary, a typeface by Maria Jose Torrrero Heredia. She and Calango teamed up to create an animated & static typeface that comes in solid and outlined flavours. This typeface also features extensive punctuation, which is pretty rare for a display-typeface, especially an animated one.

Jeroen Krielaars – www.calango.nl
Maria Jose Torrrero Heredia

Customizable Features.
- 2 colors
- duration in frames
- ease in and/or ease out
- line thickness (outlined version)

Static version.
The static version also comes in two flavours. A bi-colored solid version (consisting of two separate fonts) and an outlined version in five different weights.

Binary 2.0 Animated is compatible with After Effects CS3 and up. It is also fully prepped to work well with characteristic.
Binary 2.0 Static is an OpenType-file (.otf) that is compatible with Mac and PC.
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