My typefaces won't show up in Font Manager.
There is probably no library folder assigned to Font Manager. To solve this, click on the setup-tab at the top of the Font Manager panel. Then click the settings-icon that looks like three sliders. If you then click the folder-icon you can assign any folder on your machine as a library folder. Make sure your typefaces are in this folder in the right way as described in the User Guide.

Also make sure that the option 'Allow scripts to read files and access networks' is enabled in the After Effects preferences.

My installed typefaces only show the A, B and C characters.
Your typefaces are still in trial mode. They only support A, B and C. The rest will get replaced with question marks. To unlock the full character set, click in the little info-icon next to the typeface name, click 'Register' and enter your license key.

Technical Information

So how does it work?
It's really easy, but kind of hard to explain in just a few sentences. Check out the tutorials section for the basics.

What about compatibility?
All our animated typefaces are made for Adobe After Effects. They are compatible with versions CS6 and up in all languages. And of course, all animated typefaces are fully compatible with Font Manager.

Are your animated typefaces pre-rendered?
Nope! Our animated typefaces are After Effects files with all the paths, keyframes and expressions exposed. This gives you total freedom, and no quality loss. And since our typefaces are (mostly) created using shape-layers, everything is infinitely scalable.

What are JSX-typefaces?
JSX-typefaces are a fantastic new light-weight format for animated typefaces that seamlessly integrate with Font Manager. In a nutshell, we use compCode to convert an animated typeface into a library of JSX-files that Font Manager can read. In contrary to the classic setup with the .aep-format, the animated typeface no longer exists within your After Effects project, but is stored externally in the scripts folder of After Effects. Much like a regular font file.
The big advantage is that you have a dropdown list with all your animated typefaces, at hand. And there is no dead weight in your After Effects Project, slowing things down.

License and Order Information

What's (not) included in the license?
In a nutshell; you can use our typefaces in personal and commercial work. No strings attached. You're not allowed to redistribute (derivative work of) our typefaces. For more information, please read our End User License Agreement.

How do I pay?
Animography.net runs on Shopify. This means you can pay for your order with a creditcard or Paypal account using Shopify’s secure checkout.

How do I get my order?
After completing the payment, you will receive a download link to retrieve your order.

Where can I find my license keys?
All license keys are stored in your account. You can also access your license keys by clicking the download button in the order confirmation mail.

Can I get a refund?
Because we don’t sell physical products that can be returned, we can’t give you a refund either.

General Information

What is Animography?
Animography.net is a webshop and type-foundry that provides animated typefaces for Adobe After Effects. These animated typefaces are easy to use, customizable and scalable without any loss of quality.

Who is behind Animography?
Animography is founded and curated by Calango, a small motion graphics studio in Amsterdam. Find out more at calango.nl.

Can I sell my typeface on Animography.net?
Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on the look and quality of your work. Have a look at the submissions page to get some more information on this topic.