To make the most of our animated typefaces you will need a companion tool, or script, as they are called. It makes it easy to customize the colors and other features. Go with the simple and free Animography Controller, or treat yourself to a smoother workflow with Font Manager.

Animography Controller
Font Manager

What's the difference?


Animography ControllerFont Manager
Parent multiple characters to a single controller
Drag and drop characters to create words Drag characters from the project panel to your timeline and manually arrange them into words.
Type to create words Type your words in the input field and they will be created for you at the correct size and position with adjustable kerning, tracking, leading and alignment.
Works with AEP-format With the AEP-format, the entire animated typeface is loaded into the project panel.
Works with JSX-format With the JSX-format, the animated typeface is stored in a folder outside of After Effects. When typing a word, only the characters you need will be imported. This keeps your After Effects projects light and nimble.
Unlink characters for individual customization This allows you to use specific settings for individual characters. It can be used to alternate colors for example.
Helps you to create your own animated typefaces Font Manager has a tab filled with many functions to assist you in the process of creating your own animated typefaces. For more information, see our course on
Automatically stagger characters on the timeline
Works with stylistic alternates
Many handy features and customizable settings

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Still not sure? See both tools in action in our Getting Started tutorial.