Motion Type Challenge

Up for a creative challenge this summer? If so, we are inviting creatives to animate the name of their favorite typeface. The best entries will win free access to our online course (with the tools needed to complete it!).

The total value of this course and the tools is $695.

In this course you will learn how to turn your concept into a fully functional animated typeface.

Read through the information below and download the template to get started.

Step 01

Animate the name of your favorite typeface.

Type the name of your favorite typeface in After Effects and animate each character individually. The goal is to treat it as an animated typeface, not as a logo animation. That means animating each character individually. We call this a modular approach and it allows for the characters to be rearranged.

Make sure you end at your animations at the exact shape and size of the characters, please don’t change the type design itself. Let your motion be an homage to the hard work of the type designer.

Animate with a modular approach, so the characters can be rearranged into different words.

Don’t animate the name as a single unit.

Pro tip!
Keep each character short and sweet. Around 1 second per character is usually the sweet spot.

Step 02

Create a stunning presentation.

Create a slick showcase for Instagram with the provided template. It has compositions that show the animated type on a flat background and in several mockups. There is also space to show your ‘behind the scenes’ material.

We have made this one super easy for you. Just drop your animations in the right comp, and it appears everywhere else at right angle. Simply customize the colors, and rearrange the order to your liking.

Pro tip!
The ‘Behind The Scenes’ shot can be anything to show your creative process. Definitely check out Cyclops or Path Visualizer for this, but a screenshot or a photo of your sketchbook will also do the trick. Just give everyone a peek behind
the scenes.

Step 03

Post to Instagram.

When you are happy with your animation and presentation, it is time to share it with the world!

Post before the deadline of August 31, 2022.

Mention @animography_net and @motiondesignschool in the description and add #MotionTypeChallenge.

Give a shoutout to the type-designer or foundry for good measure!

Pro tip!
Don’t make the rookie mistake of forgetting to pick the right thumbnail for each carousel image. If you don’t, your animation will probably start on a blank frame, and people will scroll right past it because ain’t nobody got time for that!

Get started!

Download the Template files

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Important Notice:
This download contains mockup images courtesy of You may use these images only for the purpose of this challenge. If you’d like to use them for anything else, please get a proper license at You are without a doubt a good human being so we trust you with this.

The prizes!

The best 3 entries win free access to our online course on Motion Design School and the following tools:

• Font Manager
• Overlord
• compCode
• Fontself
• Pseudo Effect Maker
• pt_ExpresEdit
• kBar

Total value: $695,-

About our online course.

In our online course you will learn how to turn your concept from this challenge into a fully functioning animated typeface. That means you will able to type with it using Font Manager. You will also learn how to add controllers for easy customization, how to add kerning data, and even how to export your typeface to the convenient JSX format.

Next to that, we will show you various animation techniques by breaking down our most popular typefaces and rebuilding them from scratch. And because animating an entire typeface can be a lot of work, we’ve included our most cherished productivity tips and ways of automating your process.

Have a look at the full curriculum on

Can’t wait for the winners to be announced?
Enroll today and get a full refund if you turn out to be one of the 3 lucky winners.

Our partners for this challenge:

Prizes provided by:
Font Manager, by Motionland
Overlord, by BattleAxe
compCode, by RenderTom
Fontself, by Fontself
Pseudo Effect Maker, by Batchframe
pt_ExpresEdit, by Paul Tuersley
kBar, by KraftyFX

Extra Special thanks to:
SmartObjects for suplying the mockups
Motion Design School
aescripts + aeplugins

Typeface credits:
Retail, by Ohno Type Co. / animated by Jeroen Krielaars
IBM Plex, by Mike Abbink / animated by Jeroen Krielaars
Adieu, by Good Type Foundry / animated by Jeroen Krielaars
Beirut, by Luzi Type / animated by Jeroen Krielaars
Didot, by Firmin Didot / animated by Francesco Mugnaini
Eight, by Mass Driver / animated by Philip von Borries
Akuto, by Kubo Foundry / animated by Jesper Bolther
Degular, by Ohno Type Co. / animated by DaseBoogie