All of the animated typefaces on animography.net have the same setup. What you’ll get is an AEP-file (After Effects project) that you can open or import in an existing project of your own. Once opened or imported you will find neatly organised folders containing all the charachters and punctuation of the animated typeface.

You will also find a separate composition called ‘controller comp’. Here you will find all the customisable features for that specific typeface listed in the effects-panel. These features are different for each typeface. The individual features are listed on the product page of each typeface.

To make everything more understandable, we have produced a videotutorial for Binary 2.0, one of our most elaborate animated typefaces. Since all animated typefaces are set up in the same way, you should be able to follow along with any other animated typeface. If not, please have a look at the FAQ-section or drop us a line at: support@animography.com

Static Typefaces

Some of our typefaces have a static version too. These are usually OTF-files (OpenType Font). Most animated typefaces are build up using multiple shapes and colors. Same goes for the static versions. That’s why our static typefaces usually consist of different ’weights’ that need to be stacked to form the complete multi-colored typeface. The image below should explain everything.