Make Your Own Animated Typefaces

Learn how to create your own animated typefaces, the Animography way! Not here, but in our course on Motion Design School. The course has over 4 hours of video lessons and lots of project files for you to pick apart.

It is designed in such a was that you can follow along with the animated typeface that I will be creating, or use your own style and techniques to create something truly unique.

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Lesson 01 - Introduction

We'll start off by laying a basic foundation without even touching After Effects. I'll show you the tools we will use, and explain how to approach your project as a modular design system. I will also cover some typography lingo that you might not be familiar with, to make sure we speak the same language

• Course outline
• Overview of the tools we will be using
• Motion design theory
• Essential typography lingo

Lesson 02 - Create a Basic Animated Typeface
To get familiar with the process, we will create a very simple animated typeface. There will be lots of room to experiment and add your own style. This lesson is all about getting to know the setup of an animated typeface.

• Creating a typeface template
• Animating the typeface
• Using precomps
• Adding kerning & metrics
• Adding stylistic alternates
• Using your own font

Lesson 03 - Add Controllers
By adding controllers, you can easily customize the color and other features of your animated typeface. In this lesson, you'll learn how to use expressions and expression controls to create a flexible system.

• Create basic controllers
• Mark controller expressions
• Duplicate controllers
• Better controllers with Pseudo Effects

Lesson 04 - Improve Your Workflow
Work faster, smarter and with more precision. I'll show you my most valuable tips, tricks and tools for working with vectors and expressions.

• Using Overlord to switch between Illustrator and After Effects
• Best practices for clean vector shapes
• Recommended scripts to automate your workflow and save time

Lesson 05 - Typeface Breakdowns
In this lesson, we will pick apart some of the most popular typefaces from our collection. Learn how and why they were made in this specific way.

• Breakdown of Prota
• Breakdown of Vesterbro
• Breakdown of Fat Frank
• Breakdown of Zercon

Lesson 06 - Create a Complete Animated Typeface
You'll apply all the know-how you learned in the previous lessons to create an animated typeface in your own style. This time it will be complete with built-in controllers, a large character set, kerning and stylistic alternates. In this lesson, I'll guide you step by step from start to finish. Along the way you'll be checking off each part of the process from a checklist, so you can monitor your progress.

Lesson 07 - Export to the JSX-format
Take it to the next level and convert your animated typeface to the JSX format. This unlocks an even more flexible way of applying your typeface because all the design and animation is stored in a folder outside of After Effects (just like normal fonts). This allows you to apply it to any project without having to import anything.

Lesson 08 - Create Typographic Loops
Now that your animated typeface is finished, it's time to have some fun with it. In this lesson, I will show you how to make 4 different typographic loops. 3 of them are made in After effects, but for the final one, we will take a trip to Cinema 4D.