Mobilo Animated is a project by Animography to explore the balance between randomness and a systematic approach in type-design and animation. The animated typeface is a collaboration between 1 type-designer and 236 animators. Each animator brought a single character to life in his/her signature style. This was done using no more than 4 colors and 25 frames in a composition of 500x600 px. The result is a wide variety of styles and techniques. The color palette and letterforms tie it all together.

All letters and numbers have 3 unique variants. This enables you to avoid repetitive animation in words with repeating letters, and provides the freedom to pick and choose characters that go well together.

The After Effects file contains all the keyframes, expressions and artwork from the artists. It can be used in commercial and non-commercial projects and is available for the price of a Tweet or Facebook-post. Thanks for helping us spread the word!

The animated regular weight and static font are the perfect companions to the free file and are sure to deliver some visual balance to your project.

JSX Version
JSX typefaces are a fantastic new light-weight format that seamlessly integrates with Font Manager. Find out more at the FAQ section. (Requires Font Manager to use which also has a free trial available).

concept / Jeroen Krielaars (Animography)
type design / Alfredo Marco Pradil (Hanken Co.)
music & sound design / Clark Rhee

Character credits (click to show)

A Jeroen Krielaars (Calango) Jordan Scott (Oddfellows) Pierre Nelwan (Mediamonks)
B Brandon Wall Josefina Preumayr (Zublime) Marcos Savignano
C Claudio Salas Ryo Kitabatake (Wow) Declan Byrne (Mediamonks)
D Daniel Oeffinger (Buck) Eddie Song Jerry Liu
E Cyril Izarn (Nöbl) Andrew Embury Pantelis Tsiachris (Yell)
F Andrew Vucko Jay Keeree Thanos Kagkalos (Yell)
G Mathijs Luijten (Buck) Tim Whiting (Golden Wolf) Greg Gunn
H Justin Cassano Marcus Chaloner Henrique Barone
I Laurentiu Lunic (Illo) Josh Parker (Oddfellows) Alex Covella
J Rodier Kidman (Nice Shit Studio) Joost Jansen Brent Clouse
K Gilles Kergadallan (Superslick) Rachael Park Esteban Esquivo
L Gonzalo Menevichian (Buck) Luca Gonnelli (Illo) Tony Zagoraios (Yell)
M Pablo Cuello (Mediamonks) Jordan Coelho Chris Anderson
N Kavan Magsoodi (Oddfellows) Joe Donaldson (Jodie) Jieun Kim
O Yan Jamacaru (MediaMonks) Khylin Woodrow (Oddfellows) Emma Ehrling
P Thiago Maia (Cookie Studio) Juan Buscarons Guido Lambertini (Nice Shit Studio)
Q Niels Van de Spijker Qais Sarhan Sarah Bennett
R Ryan Locke Carmel Gatchalian (Buck) Ricardo Albertini (The Rocket Panda)
S James Curran (Slimjim Studios) Alex Mapar Simon Graham (Cookie Studio)
T Oliver Dead Seth Eckert (The Furrow) Juan Behrens (Mediamonks)
U Manu Correa Soto David Urbinati Rasmus Bak
V Andrea Staiano (Hello Savants) Maliboo Lana Simanenkova (Animade)
W David Stansfield Oliver Sin Stefan Falconer (Golden Wolf)
X Jesper Bolther (Friction) Andrew Schoneweis Jaedoo Lee
Y Carmen Angelillo (Nice Shit Studio) Misha Petrick Chris Lloyd (YLLW)
Z Milton Gonzalez (Zublime) Romain Loubersanes Marcos Fernandes (Cookie Studio)
a Jorge Canedo Estrada Philip Von Borries Allen Laseter
b Che Chieh Chu (Bito) Markus Magnusson Leo G Franchi (Lacar)
c Audrey Yeo (Buck) Soren Iverson (VerocityColab) Sharon Correa
d Yino Huan (Golden Wolf) Amelie Tourangeau Jonathan Dahl
e Emanuele Marani Nicola Destefanis Emory Allen (Neighbor)
f Freddy Arenas Francesco D'Ambrosio (Fab Design) Frida Ek (Animade)
g Gilles Desmadrille Alicia Reece (Neighbor) Panic
h Hue and Cry Valentin Kirilov (Motion Authors) Matt Greenwood
i Matteo Ruffinengo (Illo) Gareth O'Brien (Buck) Maxwell Reed (Kingdom of Something)
j Handel Eugene Christopher Weigele (VeracityColab) Joe LeHuquet
k Mantas Grauzinis Tommaso Dal Poz Bruno Persico (Ale Pixel)
l Woodwork Rafa Galeano Zack Citro (Legwork Studio)
m Zak Tietjen (Spacejunk) Michiel Schellekens (Mediamonks) Mark Velasco (VelocityColab)
n Erik Righetti (Kompost) Francisco Quiles (Long Summer Days) Ulises Depaoli (Váscolo)
o Andreas Bjoern Hansen (Buck) Arm Sattavorn (Wonderlust) Kyle Martinez
p Diego Soto (Believe) Panop Koonwat PJ Richardson (Laundry)
q Eduard Mykhailov Stuart Inamura (Legwork Studio) Eoin Duffy
r Ronald Rabideau Tim Pachuau (Remade) Tony Pinkevich
s Nick Petley (Buck) Jake Bartlett Inland Studio
t Patricio Molina (Smog) Tyler Morgan Luis Paris
u Bernard Magri (Beast Collective) Paulin Girard (Brett & Cie) Moisés Arancibia (Smog)
v Mauro Gatti & Stefano Meazza Niklas Arthursson Emanuele Colombo
w Martin, Javier & Pere (Animal) Mark Gervais Alexis Rabeuf (Cookie Studio)
x Kristian Duffy Hungry Sandwich Club Phong Luong (Elmø)
y Dennis Hoogstad Julián Glumi (Váscolo) Sarah Beth Hulver
z Ben Alcasas (Mediamonks) Giacomo Ribaudo Luke Saunders (Pixel)
1 Facu Labo Igor Martins (Up) Rafael Araujo (Buck)
2 Jack Maschka Fernando La Mattina (Váscolo) Wesley Ebelhar (Impossible Objects)
3 Alex Deaton (90 Degrees West) Travis Krause Jonas Mosesson
4 Marcus Gestre (Kingdom of Something) James Boorman Yukai Du
5 Pablo Lozano (Golden Wolf) Mafiou Loïs De Cornulier (Elmø)
6 Adrien Joulie Shinsuke Matsumoto SuperVeryMore
7 Borja Holke (Holke79) Ion Lucin Mehdi Alibeygi
8 Cento Lodigiani Alexandra Lund (Animade) Ane Vithner
9 Pier Paolo Belusso (Le Pop) Martin, Javier & Pere (Animal) Aexers Lin (Finger and Toe)
0 Ignacio Osorio Scott Waraniak (Lunar North) Louis Wesolowsky
Æ Jay Quercia
ΠBobVoeten (Crop)
Ø David Pocull
æ Alessandra Leone
œ Clemens Den Exter (The Mill)
ø James Van Den Elshout (Toby & Pete)
ß Amanda Nedermeijer
$ Nicolo Bianchino
Daniel Coutinho (Buck)
£ Leo Romanski
¥ Viktor Kahn
¢ Ariel Costa (Blink My Brain)
[ Francisco Castro (Smog)
] Masayoshi Nakamura
{ Marco De Vecchi (The Rocket Panda)
} Luis Suarez
( Aaron Ray (Legwork)
) Mike Scarano (Legwork)
< Stanton Cameron (Oddfellows)
> Emmanuel Foissotte (2Factory)
+ Annarita Milella (Fab)
- Zenzuke (The Woork Co)
× Jonathan Djob Nkondo
÷ Luca Cattivelli (That's Motion)
= Mihn Trung Nguyen (Elmø)
* Fede Cook
# Paul Slemmer (VerocityColab)
_ Guillaume Mégroz (Messieurs)
Nicolas Toujan
/ Junyi Xiao
\ Joe Sparkes
& Bee Grandinetti
% Iain Acton
@ Alex Perry (Buck)
© Tom Hoying (S77)
® Miriam Palopoli (Illo)
· Jelio Dimitrov
. Picnic
, Cory Duma
Emilie Muszczak
‘’ Martin Craster (Twitter)
Josep Bernhaus
Kirstin Smith
Jason Clarke
: Linn Fritz
; John Flores
? Latham Arnott
¿ Robert Wallace (Parallel Teeth)
! Colin Trenter (OddFellows)
¡ Ben Chwirka (Legwork)
. Picnic

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