Our Process

We love crafting bespoke animated typefaces. And we love doing that together with clients of all sorts and sizes. Below, we will try to demystify our product and process. Feel free to reach out if this raises more questions than answers.


An animated typeface, build in Adobe After Effects, tailored to your needs. Each letter is individually animated to appear, hold or loop, and disappear. Together they form a system much like any other typeface, but with the extra dimension of time. You can type with it, it can have kerning, accents, punctuation, multiple weights and all that good stuff.

But unlike traditional fonts, we have a lot more tricks up our sleeve. Our animated typefaces come with a controller that lets you set things like line width, multiple colors, randomness, speed or extra bells and whistles that can be toggled on and off.

Our creative process is an integrated approach to separate steps. Design can dictate motion, but motion can also influence design. But there are steps nonetheless. We can divide the workload or collaborate on any of these steps, depending on your needs and skill set. For example, if you represent a brand, you might only give creative input in the form of a detailed briefing. But if you are a creative at an animation studio, you might want us to focus on only the type-design and technical setup, while you take care the actual animation yourself.

We are confident in handling anything you throw at us from creative direction and designing complete type families, all the way to the final output of the animated typeface. The type design is an optional step in the process. We can work with an existing typefaces just as fine.

As for using the animated typeface; that’s fairly easy. If you are a designer, you probably already have the know-how for proper type setting. For the motion part, we got you covered with easy to follow tutorials to get you started. 

Anyone with a basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects should be able to handle this without any problems. If not, we can collaborate to integrate the animated typeface into whatever content you have going on and deliver according to your specs. We can even team up and write a new chapter for your brand guidelines and make templates and example uses for others to work with.

Because we love how typography, motion and branding can overlap and amplify each other. Our animated typefaces seem to do just that. Once created, it is a cost effective system that can very quickly create animated content with impact. Over and over again, without boring.

In branding, in social media posts, in apps and websites, as film titles, on air, on stage, in advertising, at events and conferences or on billboards. You name it.

See what we already did for clients like The Game Awards, Nike, Natwest Bank and Aidsfonds.

It could be applied anywhere. But should not be applied everywhere. Animated typefaces have places where they can really stand out, but much like a display typeface, should be used in moderation. At least, that’s how we feel.

Animography is a specialized design- and animation studio from Amsterdam. We surround ourselves with a diverse network of type-designers, motion-designers and programmers who are working on animated typefaces from different angles. We have a standard collection of ready-to-use animated typefaces in our webshop, and offer our bespoke services to anyone who's ready to go beyond static typography.

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