The animated version of Lovelo completely transforms the design of the original static typeface. With 6 individually customizable strokes along the outlines, you can achieve an infinite amount of styles. Go for a seamless loop, or animate your text in and out.

Customizable Features
With a total of 64 controllers you can tweak the speed, width, color, length, visibility and offset of each stroke. There is also an option to show the original filled shape and use that as a track matte.

• color × 6
• stroke width × 6
• opacity × 6
• offset paths × 6
• speed × 6
• trim paths start × 6
• trim paths end × 6
• trim paths offset × 6
    • show outlines × 6
    • show inner paths × 6

    • fill color
    • fill opacity
    • inner path speed
    • speed slider mode

      Includes 12 Preset Styles
      Simply select the controller, and click on one of the 12 presets to switch to a different style. Use it as a starting point for further customization or create new presets of your own.

      Free Static Version
      Grab the static version for free at Fontfabric.

      JSX Version
      JSX typefaces are a fantastic new light-weight format that seamlessly integrates with Font Manager. Find out more at the FAQ section or download a free trial below. (Requires Font Manager to use which also has a free trial available).

      James VDE & Renzler

      • Animated Typeface
        Try JSX Version
      • Animated Typeface
        AE Project + JSX Version
      • Get 25% off on all orders of 4 or more typefaces.

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