Like the name already reveals, Multicolore is a vibrant multi-colored typeface. It's based on a rounded modular design system. The lively animations perfectly compliment the multitude of colors. For a more minimal look, simply bring it back to a single color, and turn off secondary animations like the splashes and background circle.

  • Animated Typeface
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  • Animated Typeface
    AE Project + JSX Version

Additional specs

Customizable Features
• 7 colors
• circle stroke width
• circle on/off
• splashes on/off
• multiply colors
• white background on/off

Available Characters
! ? . , % & $ £ €

Free Trial
This allows you to check out the A, B and C of the animated typeface for 7 days. The free trial is in the JSX-format and requires Font Manager which also has a free trial available.

Free Static Version
The static version of Multicolore can be downloaded here.

JSX Version
JSX typefaces are a fantastic light-weight format that seamlessly integrates with Font Manager. Find out more at the FAQ section or download a free trial.

See Multicolore In Action
• Flibbertigibbet, by Ordinary Folk
• Lisztomania, by Long Summer Days
 Made You Look, by Animography
Is your work missing from this list? Let us now.

Type design by Ivan Filipov
Animation by Vaidas Oi

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  • Animated Typeface
    Try JSX Version
  • Animated Typeface
    AE Project + JSX Version

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