Named after the city district located where the old Western Gate of Copenhagen used to be, Vesterbro is an attractive serif face from Black[Foundry]. It is the brainchild of Jérémie Hornus, who developed the type family in collaboration with Alisa Nowak and Ilya Naumoff. Jeroen Krielaars animated two of the twelve weights.

The core design of the Vesterbro family is the Poster weight. The imaginative high-contrast typeface combines characteristics from Scottish and Garalde models. Vesterbro Poster is warmer than most Didot-inspired display faces. It has friendly, organic shapes, with a generous x-height and short serifs. Its tilted axis and supple curves lend Vesterbro Poster an inviting, jovial personality; just look at that radiant smile on the lowercase ‘e,’ or how the ampersand licks the next word.

Pleasantly readable in text sizes and attention-grabbing when used big, Vesterbro is a versatile type family for global communication that can be applied to any design project, from editorial design and graphic identities to advertising, branding and packaging.

Customizable Features
- completion (0-100% slider)
- color

JSX Version
JSX typefaces are a fantastic new light-weight format that seamlessly integrates with Font Manager. Find out more at the FAQ section or download a free trial below.
(Requires Font Manager to use which also has a free trial available).

Static Version
The family static type family consists of 6 weights + italics and is available at Black[Foundry].

Black[Foundry]Jeroen Krielaars

  • Animated Typeface
    Try JSX Version
  • Animated Typeface
    AE Project + JSX Version (Regular Weight)
  • Animated Typeface
    AE Project + JSX Version (Poster Weight)
  • Full Set
    All of the above
    €110 €95
  • Get 25% off on all orders of 4 or more typefaces.

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